Fraud and Audit Analyst
Location: Manchester
Salary: £25000
Expires: 19/08/2022 23:59

Role Summary:

The role will lead the Fraud & Audit team and will be responsible for managing the risk at Travel Counsellors, its employees, customers, reputation, assets, and the interests of all stakeholders.The role holder will be responsible for identifying and assessing any threats to Travel Counsellors and working with the Senior Leadership Team and relevant stakeholders, to introduce mitigating controls to ensure compliance to avoid, reduce or transfer risk.

Based in Manchester, the successful candidate will manage the Fraud & Audit Executive delivering frictionless control initiatives whilst ensuring the integrity of processes and systems to protect the interests of Travel Counsellors in a fast-paced ever-changing environment.

main duties and responsibilities:

  • Implement a risk management strategy for Travel Counsellors
  • Undertake investigational analysis on potential fraud cases from different areas of the business to help determine root causes and offer mitigation against potential operational risk
  • Assisting with the production of governance controls and reporting metrics
  • Keeping abreast of regulatory and industry change
  • Developing, interpreting, and presenting reports to operational and Senior Managers on quality performance, providing regular reports to highlight issues
  • Building accessible data for analysis, maintaining, enhancing, and creating data reporting to enhance granular reporting
  • Build spider diagrams of repetitive behaviours of misdemeanours including recommending the blocking of offender email addresses
  • Optimising and maintaining the company’s Fraud’s data and control environment
  • Performing and monitoring agreed controls and checks to ensure the business adheres to fraud procedures
  • Assessing the impact on change both driven internally and externally to fraud and the impact this could have on the operational teams
  • Supporting and driving local continuous improvement initiatives to enhance processes, controls etc.
  • Investigations:
    • Respond to and resolve fraud and security-related incidents in a timely manner
    • Communicate with customers to effectively resolve their issues and gain an understanding of the fraud vectors
    • Collaborate with third parties (banks, law enforcement, etc.) regarding fraud investigations

  • Process Maintenance & Improvement
    • Formulate, implement, and document rules & policies that help the company effectively fight fraud
    • Extrapolate lessons learned from fraud investigations & suggest new data sources that would help in fraud detection
    • Scale fraud support while optimizing operational efficiency and quality

  • Production of Fraud Management information
    • Analyse data to identify threatening trends emerging
    • Write, test, and promote new rules to mitigate adverse fraud trends
    • Support the Risk Manager in the preparation of relevant data required to support new initiatives or business cases
    • Implement tactical changes to detection system rules
    • Recommend policy, process and procedural change evaluating impact on fraud operations
    • Assist in the evaluation and development of new fraud systems / tools
    • Provide support by acting upon anecdotal evidence received to ensure that risks are mitigated
    • Carry out regular reviews, identifying fraud hot spots.
    • Undertake regular reviews of the efficiency of the suite of fraud rules in place and make recommendations for changes
    • Maintain and prepare operational and adviser level KPI reports for managers.
    • Support the Fraud & Audit Executive in the provision of fraud analytics services


  • You will be a role model for our business values, using your personality and behaviours, to maintain integrity and a can-do attitude
  • You will have a willingness to go the extra mile and always strive to seek job satisfaction
  • You will have the ability to think digitally as we continue to evolve as a digital first business, and that means we need you to have the right knowledge, skills and appetite to effectively use digital systems to support delivery of an efficient, robust finance environment
  • You pride yourself on building loyal and mutual trusting relationships with colleagues, TCs and supplier partners
  • You will respect and value diversity, creating an environment that is inclusive of all
  • You will be focused on your own personal development as well as the future of our business, contributing new and innovate ideas and ways of working
  • You actively seek out opportunities and find meaningfulness at work
  • You will not be afraid to use your voice to challenge or reinforce the status quo, guided by our values and behaviours


  • Strong problem-solving and decision-making abilities.
  • Excellent analytical skills.
  • A good eye for detail.
  • Negotiation skills and the ability to influence people.
  • Resilience and the ability to cope under pressure.
  • Planning and organisation skills.
  • The ability to react quickly and think on your feet.
  • Outstanding technical and regulatory acumen.
  • A proactive approach to work, in terms of recommending changes and improvements to processes and systems.
  • Commercial awareness and the ability to understand broad business issues


  • Bonus Scheme